VICTOR, victim

There is no script for how to deal with these unprecedented times. Many of us are experiencing financial hardship; some of our loved ones have lost their jobs, income and security; someone we love may be ill.

As leaders, it’s up to us to rise and work hard to help those around us, whether it’s our families, our employees or our customers.

Challenges like the ones we’re facing now give us two choices: we can rise above them and be VICTORS, or we can succumb to them and be VICTIMS.

The victors who rise above the situation P-R-O-V-E how to deal with a crisis. They do so because they are Proactive in addressing challenges. They take Responsibility for decisions and outcomes. They demonstrate Ownership of their ability to influence things for the better. They are Visionary, forward-thinking and innovative… and they embrace personal and business Excellence.

On the contrary, a victim is someone who B-E-N-D-S with the weight of the moment. They Blame others for the situation. They have all sorts of Excuses for why things are the way they are, and why they are powerless to change it. They are generally Negative in their outlook and, worse, infect others around them with their negativity. They are often in Denial about the reality of the situation, or that they can do anything to affect the outcome. They are victims of a Scarcity mentality, viewing the world through a win/lose lens even as opportunity is all around.

We all know that victimhood is so much easier than Victorhood. The marvel of real leaders is their ability to find the energy within to adopt and maintain a Victor mentality no matter the circumstances. Any of us can cultivate the mindset and skills required to lead others through a crisis like COVID19. Those same skills are powerful tools in addressing any business or life challenge.

Developing resilient, compassionate Victors is one important outcome of professional business coaching. Winners embrace Victorhood when the headwinds are the strongest, stepping forward when others are hesitant to. Mindset is important, but not sufficient. Victorhood relies on a set of skills and habits that are engaged whenever challenges need to be met head on.

Be a Victor, now and always!


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